Welcome to the ElectroNIX Internet Exchange

We are a virtual internet exchange. If you have a public ASN, you can peer!


Created by Adam Gilbert (AS139233), ElectroNIX is a virtual exchange for people who want to peer with friends without going through large tunnels or having to be located within a physical datacenter.

You can find us on PeeringDB.

We also have an AS-SET in the RIPE DB.

How does it work?

We make use of GRE tunnels in order to connect our members to the route server. Our routing server is powered by BIRD and we make use of IXP Manager to manage who is connected to our network and their allocated addresses.


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Completely FREE

While many IXP's charge for access (this is due to the need of allocating a physical port on a switch), we are completely FREE! This is because we are virtual and will use your existing upstream connection.


Since we make use of IXP Manager, you can customise information about your peering, and see what routes you have sent and recieved.


Our systems have high uptime and high bandwidth ports. Although your connections will not be as fast as if they were in a physical location, you will still be able to directly access peered sites with ease!

Open Network

Since anyone can peer with us, it makes it easy for people to establish direct routes to each other and friends, all without the hastle of direct peering or peering through tunnels.